Special Delivery! Fun Lesson for Black History Month

Black History Month Kindergarten Lesson Plan
Photo Source: theorganizedclassroomblog.com

Completely unaware that we'd scheduled two in a row, the fact that this fun lesson for Black History Month also comes from The Organized Classroom Blog should offer a fine recommendation for the great resources you'll find at this site! While it may seem a bit more difficult for the younger crowd, incorporating Black History Month into your lesson plans is important and Charity offers a fun and unique way to introduce to your kiddos the many important African-American men and women who have led extraordinary lives and made a lasting impact on our country.

To pique her kiddos interest, Charity created a 'mystery mailbox' where, each day, a different postcard from a prominent historical figure would show up. Who doesn't love getting mail?! Along with a picture of the individual, each postcard featured several concise facts to help your students get to know them better. As an extension to the exercise, after learning about each person, work with your students to craft a reply - perhaps thanking them for their impact on history, etc.

Be sure to visit The Organized Classroom Blog for a video post about the activity, as well as several free printable postcards to get you started!