Space Boy - Space Thematic Unit

We stumbled across some more great space activities at Totally Tots {posted by Jenn of Mama Jenn another fantastic blog/resource for early childhood educators!} and just had to share! She introduced the unit by reading Leo Landry's Space Boy, then 'blasted' into some fantastic lessons! Here are a few highlights -- as always, you'll have to visit the original post for the activities, printables, and full lesson plan.

a is for astronaut rocket silhouette matching game math kindergarten lesson
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Space Silhouette Matching

Matching games provide a great tool for improving memory, teaching the concepts of grouping and sorting, and strengthening both problem solving and critical thinking skills. Adding silhouettes to the mix provides a unique challenge in and of itself - students are forced to observe the overall shape of the object, instead of using other {more eye catching} details to identify them. In this game, students are invited to match space-themed objects to their silhouette.

space themed color recognition game and kindergarten lesson
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Space Color Recognition

In this exciting game {designed by Jenn herself!}, students are charged with an important mission - help get the rockets back home. Using a customized die, each side containing a different color rocket, your kindergartners will take turns rolling the die, identifying the color rolled, and marking off the appropriate cloud path until each rocket is safely guided back to Earth

space themed kindergarten math activity
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Space Math & Fine Motor Skills

Students will use the rocket cards to brush up on numeracy, counting, and fine motor skills, by identifying the number on the card, counting the appropriate number of link manipulatives, and attaching them to the card. If this activity is to simple, consider using the cards to form addition and subtraction problems. You can also switch the type of manipulatives used in the activity {based on what's in your classroom and the interests of your students!}.

Visit Jenn's full post other great ideas including literature to read, a language building exercise, a patterning lesson, gross motor skill ideas, games, and more!