Soap Clouds - Spring Weather Experiment + Mother's Day Gift in One!

Weather Science Experiment and Mother's Day Gift Preschool Lesson Plan
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Did you know that with a simple bar of Ivory soap and a microwave you can create a puffy cloud? Sara over at Our Best Bites recently created a fabulous tutorial showing just how easy it is! Not being a science major, we didn't know exactly why the bar of soap 'blew up' and, while we could make some educated guesses, we decided to check it out because we know your preschoolers first question will be, "Why?" Our search led us to Steve Spangler Science. He offers a fabulous explanation {we'll give you a hint - it has to do with water}, so be sure to check it out before conducting the experiment in class. 

The best part is - these soap clouds can be returned to soap form and would be a great gift idea for Mother's Day! All you need is a bowl, an electric beater, some water, food coloring, and cookie cutter 'molds'. You might also consider adding a few drops of essential oil - lavender or rose, perhaps - to create sweet smelling soaps. [NOTE: This will only work in your favor if you can find unscented or lightly scented bars of Ivory soap!] Package the shaped soaps in candy bags, tie on a colorful ribbon, and you'll have cute and useful Mother's Day gifts!

For the full tutorial, be sure to visit Our Best Bites!

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