Silly Sentences Listening Game

Listening Preschool Lesson Plan
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Here's a great transition or end of the day activity from Nicole at The Activity Mom that will have your kiddos giggling as they hone their listening skills. Simply make up a silly sentence, one that's mixed up in some way, and invite your kiddos to listen and tell you what is silly about it. Consider tailoring the sentences to something you're learning. For instance, to go along with your summer insect/bug unit, you might create sentences similar to the following...

  • Ladybugs spin webs to catch their food.
  • Butterflies make a cocoon called a chrysalis and are transformed into caterpillars!
  • Ants have eight legs and can run very fast!

You can also just play for fun, of course! Nicole has some silly sentence examples to get you started, so be sure to head on over to The Activity Mom for some inspiration!