Sight Word Apple Tree

Apple Sight Word Kindergarten Lesson Plan
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Here's a great way to help your kinders review sight words this fall - a sight word apple tree! Not only does it offer cutesy fall decor, there are a lot of great small group review games you can play...

  • Provide each player with a basket game mat. Having students take turns, call out a sight word and invite them to pick the correct apple from the tree to put in their basket.
  • Invite your kiddos to take turns picking an apple from the tree and identifying the sight word printed on it.
  • Create sight word worm cutouts. Invite students to take turns selecting a worm and matching it to the correct sight word apple on the tree.

There are some other great game ideas over at The Educators' Spin On It so be sure to head over there for suggestions for creating and using your own sight word apple tree!