School Sparks: A Fabulous Worksheet Resource for Kinders!

Free Preschool and Kindergarten Teacher Resource
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Through our network of educational blogs, we've encountered Renee Abramovitz's website, School Sparks, on several occasions and think it is truly a fantastic resource for parents and teachers of preschool- and kindergarten-aged children! After years of teaching, Renee wanted to continue using her talents and passion for teaching to create a completely free website with loads of resources, activity ideas, and worksheets to use in the classroom and at home. Here's what she had to say about it...

"Back when I was teaching, I used countless boring worksheets with black and white clip art and just knew the worksheets could be more engaging and effective for young kids. So that's how my website was born!... My worksheets cover a variety of topics from letter tracing, math/number awareness, visual discrimination, auditory processing, phonemic awareness, letter/word awareness, social/emotional development, fine motor development and gross motor development. I also have a lot of activity suggestions and games for in the classroom, as well as suggested reading lists and other fun resources for teachers and parents!"

Be sure to head on over to School Sparks to check out all the great free resources Renee provides - especially the fabulous selection of colorful kindergarten worksheets!