Santa's Workshop Pretend Play

Winter and Christmas Pretend Play Kindergarten Lesson Plan
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Spice up your pretend play corner with this awesome activity idea from Allie at No Time For Flash Cards! Your kinders will be thrilled to learn that Santa Claus not only received their elf applications {see our Wednesday feature for the awesome activity from Mrs. Carroll of The First Grade Parade}, but was so impressed with their qualifications that he selected the entire class to be his special Christmas helpers!

If your students are going to be elves in a toy factory, you'll need to set them up with the proper equipment. Add some fun costume pieces to your pretend play corner to get your kiddos in the holiday mood - and feeling the part!
  • White lab coats
  • Name tags {perhaps with cute made-up elf names}
  • Elf/Santa hats

Now that your kiddos are outfitted with "elf gear", it's time to tackle the stations. Allie suggests dividing the area up into three different stations - the building station, the wrapping station, and the testing station. As they play, your kinders will build fine motor, critical thinking, problem solving, and a myriad of other skills!

Be sure to visit No Time For Flash Cards to see how Allie set up each of the stations and get started on your own pretend play workshop!