Roll-the-Creation Game

Nature and Bible Game Preschool Lesson Plan

This activity is great for a Bible lesson about creation or can simply be used as part of a nature unit. It's easy to create and your kiddos will practice counting, following directions, and taking turns, as well as develop fine motor and problem solving skills!

For our "Roll-the-Creation" game, we created simple game mats from blue and brown construction paper, providing students with a creation "backdrop" of air, land, and sea. To go along with the different days of creation, we selected several objects/items...

  • Clouds for Day 2
  • A tree/flower for Day 3
  • A sun for Day 4
  • Fish and bird for Day 5
  • A lion for Day 6

...and created clip art cutouts or found foam stickers for students to use to fill their game mats. We assigned each object/item a different number/side of the dice and created a key for students to follow when playing the game.

To play - have your kiddos take turns rolling the die, determining the number of rolled and adding the corresponding item to their game mat. The student who adds all the objects from the key, wins! [When finished, we had them add a final touch - the key Bible verse - and gave them a sweet treat for playing!]

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