"Red, White, and Blue" - Beautiful Picture Book & Song for 9/11

Children's Author, Singer, and Songwriter, Debbie Clement
Photo Source: rainbowswithinreach.blogspot.com

If you haven't visited the vibrant, engaging, and inviting blog, Rainbows Within Reach, created by {the vibrant, engaging, and inviting!} Debbie Clement, you're missing out! Her posts, detailing her adventures as a songwriter, children's storybook writer, and speaker, truly show her beautiful spirit and passion for children. Not to mention, her children's resources are spectacular!

September 11th Kindergarten Lesson Plan
Photo Source: rainbowswithinreach.blogspot.com

Recently awarded the Indie Excellence Award for Children's Book with Audio, Debbie's gorgeous picture book, Red, White, and Blue, complete with the song that inspired its pages, is the perfect way to celebrate our amazing country, honor its heroes, and commemorate September 11th! Your kiddos will love exploring each beautiful page, which features illustrations HAND QUILTED by Debbie, as well as learning the words/sign language to her fantastic song, expressing love and thanks for our country!

Head on over to Rainbows Within Reach to read about Debbie's process in writing the book and what other educators in the blogging community are saying about it! You'll also find a cute demonstration of Debbie's song filmed at one of her workshops!