Recycling & Planting Earth Day Project

Earth Day or Gardening Themed Kindergarten Lesson Plan
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Happy Earth Day!

If you're considering planting seedlings as a class Earth Day project or wish to include such a project into your gardening unit, might we suggest using these newspaper pots! Not only are they great for growing - allowing easy transfer when the seedlings are ready for planting in the garden, flower bed, or pot - they also offer an opportunity to recycle old newsprint, showing students how old items can be put to good use and given a new purpose!

A few notes...

  • Be sure to visit Cottage Hill for the newspaper pot tutorial! They can be made simply with newsprint, a can of soup, and tape.
  • We've heard that radish seeds grow quickly. These or any other quick sprouting seed would make a fine choice for a project like this, especially when tackling it with little ones!

We hope you and your kiddos will have fun with this project!