Rainy Day Play - Bowling Around the Room!

Gross Motor Learning Game and Preschool Lesson Plan
Photo Source: toddlerapproved.com

Check out this fun bowling game created by Kristina over at Toddler Approved! Perfect for a rainy summer day, the game is a great gross motor builder and is sure to help with any 'rainy day wiggles'. While we love that Kristina and her son bowled to see who would complete various actions - i.e. jump 5 times, build a block tower and knock it down, sing the ABC song, etc. - you could also turn this into a review game. For example, you could...

  • Create a straw for each letter of the alphabet. Call out a letter, inviting players to identify and roll the ball into the correct letter.
  • Print letters onto the cards. Invite students to roll the ball, if they hit a straw have them correctly identify the letter or letter sound.

The activity would also work with shapes, math facts, numerals, etc.

For the full activity details - and for suggestions on putting the 'bowling pins' together - be sure to visit Toddler Approved!

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