Rainbow Printing Practice

We were thinking about this "Rainbow Sight Word" post and thought, why not adapt the literacy center activity to fit the preschool classroom? With a few simple tweaks, your preschoolers are sure to get great exposure to high frequency words, practice properly forming letters, and strengthen letter recognition.

    Sight Word and Letter Printing Practice Preschool Lesson Plan
  1. Instead of creating a list of sight words for students to copy, create tracing cards using the blank index cards. Include both letters and sight words for extra review and practice. As they trace, invite your kiddos to quietly identify each letter.
  2. Sight Word and Letter Printing Practice Preschool Lesson Plan

  3. From an assortment of colorful graphic art tools, have you preschoolers select three or four different colors, using them to re-trace each letter or word. Once again, place emphasis on having your students identify each letter as they trace it. Repetition is a great way to commit the information to memory.

Create a separate flip book for the alphabet and sight word rainbow cards that students can use for reference or future review. You might also consider using the cards to practice ordering {i.e. put both the letters and words in alphabetical order} or for a memory/matching game by combining two sets.