Pumpkin Name Hunt & Spell

Halloween and Fall Pumpkin Printing Preschool Lesson Plan
Photo Source: toddlerapproved.blogspot.com

We love this literacy activity from Toddler Approved! It's simple and will provide your kiddos with letter recognition and spelling practice - in a fun and festive way!

Supplies You'll Need

Since Kristina did this activity one-on-one with her son, she scripted the letters of her son's name onto the foam pumpkin cutouts, hiding them around the room and having him go on a scavenger hunt. This may not work in the classroom, so we suggest hiding the pumpkin letter cutouts in a large plastic bin filled with a fall/Halloween themed base material. At the center, students are then charged with sifting through the bin to find the letters that spell their name - placing them in the proper order and copying them onto their worksheet.

Check out the full activity at Toddler Approved!