Pretend Play - A Sandwich Shop in Kinder!

Pretend Play Kindergarten Lesson Plan
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We love, love, love all of these pretend play ideas from of Growing in PreK, but our favorite is most definitely the sandwich shop! {Isn't it just adorable?!} Set up to mimic the ordering and preparation style of a Subway or Chipotle restaurant, we love that students practice interacting with their fellow classmates - asking the appropriate questions and following directions - to fulfill their customer's order!

Supplies You'll Need

  • Foam and/or felt in assorted colors to make ingredients
  • Inexpensive cake pans to hold ingredients
  • Ingredient labels
  • Sandwich shop menu
  • Directional signs - i.e. "Order Here", "Pay Here", etc.
  • Cash register and play money
  • Uniforms for staff - i.e. aprons, hats, name tags, etc.
  • Pre-cut sheets of wax paper/tape to wrap sandwiches
  • Reusable sandwich shop bags
  • Condiment bar

We know your kiddos will have a ball with this pretend play set-up! For this activity - and lots of other great ideas - be sure to visit Growing in PreK!