Planting A Pattern

Spring Garden Theme Patterning Kindergarten Lesson Plan
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This patterning activity from Karen LeBlanc over Froggy Friends Fun would be the perfect addition to a spring/summer gardening unit! Provide your kiddos with a divided platter of dried beans, peas, etc. and pieces of brown construction paper. Using a spinner, labeled with various patterns {AB, AAB, ABB, ABC, ABCC, AABC, etc.}, invite your kiddos to take turns spinning the spinner and using the beans, etc. to 'plant' the selected pattern in their 'garden'!

The end results are super cute and colorful! To complete the row, consider providing your kiddos with row marker cutouts that display the appropriate pattern.

For the full activity, be sure to visit Froggy Friends Fun! Also note, Karen offers a FREE pattern spinner at her Teachers Notebook site - so be sure to head on over there too!