Pirate Themed Math & Literacy Centers

Pirate Themed Math and Literacy Kindergarten Lesson Plan
Photo Source: nancynolanskindergarten.blogspot.com

If you're looking for some fun pirate themed center activities, you'll want to check out these great exercises from Nancy Nolan's Kindergarten!

Elements of a Story

To begin their pirate unit, Nancy and her kinders explored some fun pirate books and, in the process, reviewed the elements of a story - setting, characters, plot, etc. For each story, they completed a story worksheet, drawing pictures of each element and writing a short description. This is a great way to provide your kiddos with some printing and spelling practice as well as encourage them to listen closely to the story so that they can identify the different elements.

Pirate Ship Addition

As a way to practice addition skills, Nancy invited her kiddos to "roll a pirate ship"! Armed with dice, a game key, and pirate ship parts, students took turns rolling the dice, adding the numbers displayed, and collecting the corresponding ship part. The player who builds their entire pirate ship first, wins!

For these and other fun pirate activities, be sure to visit Nancy Nolan's Kindergarten!