Our Government - Learning About The Three Branches

Constitution Day, Government and Civics Socials Studies Kindergarten Lesson Plan
Photo Source: Phillip Martin

Constitution Day offers a great opportunity for talking about how our government is set up and introducing your kiddos to it's three branches. We found this great lesson from the California Campaign for the Civic Mission of Schools that will help your kiddos understand the three functions of government and the duties/responsibilities of the executive, judicial, and legislative branches.

The lesson follows the story of an imaginary king, Louis the Umpteenth, who is overworked, exhausted from handling all the tasks of government himself, and needs a better way to run his kingdom. His solution - a new government like the one we have in our own country. Through the story your kinders will see the importance of each branch of government, be introduced to their various responsibilities, and have fun participating with the interactive story!

For the full lesson plan - the story, discussion, and extension activity - be sure to visit the California Campaign for the Civic Mission of Schools!