Ordering Picnic Pests

Summer Picnic Literacy and Math Preschool Lesson Plan
Photo Source: www.greatestresourcechildcare.com

How cute is this summer themed letter and numeral recognition activity from Patricia Hinton of Greatest Resource Educational Care?! The ants are super adorable and this exercise gives you a great excuse to decorate your math and literacy centers with picnic gear {...a nice change from the every day}! 

The concept is super simple, but we know your preschoolers will have fun with it. Print alphabet and number cards with ant clip art then, scattering the cards around the 'picnic table', invite your kiddos to help their 'dining pals' line up in the correct order.

As an extension activity, provide your students with picnic food cutouts, inviting them to count out the proper amount of food pieces and place them on top of each ant card. {Pictures to come...}