Nutrition Unit - The ABCs of Breakfast

Health, Nutrition, and Literacy Kindergarten Lesson PlanBreakfast is an important meal that should never be skipped. It provides your kiddos with the energy they need in the morning to play, think, and learn! Labels for Education has put together a great lesson plan to help teach your kinders about the significance of eating a balanced breakfast.

Breakfast ABCs

Begin by brainstorming a list of healthy and food group diverse breakfast foods – one for every letter of the alphabet. If you can't think of selections for each letter, there's a list of suggestions included in the lesson plan! Display the images of the breakfast selections on a wall or bulletin board {along with labels} and invite students to take a good look at the pictures - discussing those they recognize, don't recognize, have eaten, would like to try, etc. As a group, review beginning letter sounds and the various breakfast food options by calling out a letter of the alphabet and having students take turns finding a selection that begins with the letter.

Consider creating a simple booklet, The ABCs of Breakfast, using black and white images of various breakfast items that your kiddos can color and take home to remind them to make healthy breakfast selections!

A Healthy Balance

We love how Labels for Education suggests demonstrating the importance of a balanced diet {i.e. eating items from each food group and in the proper amounts} - likening the food pyramid to the color wheel. For instance, making the decision to eat pancakes all day would be like trying to paint everything - trees, rainbows, grass, etc. - with orange. By painting with just one color, you miss out on the beauty of all the other colors and, most importantly, to create life-like pictures, you need all the other colors!

These are just a few of the fun and unique activities we found in the lesson plan. Be sure to follow the link to download your own version and get started putting together your own exciting and informative nutrition unit!