Number & "Simon Says" Drawings

Following Directions Preschool Lesson Plan
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While quite simple, this drawing activity from Nicole at The Activity Mom is a great way to help your kiddos practice following directions and build vocabulary, as well as counting, listening, and fine motor skills!

Number Drawings

Have each student start out with the same base drawing {i.e. a house, barn, etc}. Invite them to draw various items in specific numbers...

  • Draw one hay loft.
  • Draw two barn doors.
  • Draw three chickens.
  • Draw four stalls.

"Simon Says" Drawings

These are fantastic for introducing new vocabulary/positional words to your preschoolers! Once again, start out with the same base drawing, then invite your students to draw various items in specific places...

  • Draw a tractor next to the barn.
  • Draw a weather vane on top of the barn.
  • Draw a sack of feed in front of the barn.

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