"My name is..." Shared Reading Activity & Extensions

Back To School Name Activity and Preschool Lesson Plan Here's another fun name activity for the first few days of school that uses predictable sentences to create a shared reading experience to help your new preschoolers review sight words and classmate names, as well as build print awareness!

Whether you use a pocket chart or create a display using paper (like the one above), print a name sentence for each new student onto card stock, then cut the word strips apart, creating individual word cards.  If you have them, print a picture of each child too! Arrange the word cards and pictures in/on your display, then as part of your morning circle time, invite your kiddos recite the name sentences with you. We suggest using a pointer to keep your place as you read each sentence together. [NOTE: Perhaps it might be fun to demonstrate how to use the pointer to follow along as you read - practicing with the names of the principal, teacher assistant, etc. - then have each student assist with their own name sentence.]

Activity Extensions

Back To School Sight Word and Name Preschool Lesson Plan

  • Sight Word Emergent Reader. Compile the name sentences in an emergent reader - either one laminated booklet for the whole class or individual paper booklets that your students can take home and read with their families. To help your students familiarize themselves with the focus words as well as help them get to know their fellow classmates' names, invite them to use colored markers or highlighters to mark the different sight words on the page - i.e. put a red circle around "my", underline "name" with orange, etc.


Back To School Name Tracing Preschool Lesson Plans

  • Name Tracing. Another great way to help your new preschoolers get to know their fellow classmates' names, as well as practice beginning writing skills, is with a tracing activity. Simply print worksheets with student photos and traceable names, place the worksheets in plastic document sleeves, and set out in the writing center with dry erase markers!

These activities offer a fun way to introduce and practice with new skills, as well as learn names!