Monster Themed Mini Literacy Unit

Monster Themed Halloween Literacy Kindergarten Printables and Kindergarten Lesson Plan
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Cheryl Saoud recently shared her Monster'ous' Literature Mini-Unit {for FREE!} over at her blog, Primary Graffiti, and we think it's totally worth checking out if you need some fresh lesson ideas for October! Super cute and perfect for Halloween, Cheryl's activities center around three books; Monsters Don't Eat Broccoli by Barbara Jean Hicks, Kimberly and Ed Emberely's If You're a Monster and You Know It, and Creepy Monster, Sleepy Monster by Jane Yolan. Here's a sneak peek at some of the activities included in the mini-unit...

Thinking Maps

Cheryl and her kiddos used thinking maps to organize their learning as they read. First, they developed a list of monster body parts, then they worked on a list of monster actions. When finished, Cheryl reviewed nouns and verbs with her students, inviting them to pair each monster body part with a monster action so that each noun was coupled with a verb.

Class Book

Cheryl put together three fun prompts for her kiddos to complete and add to a monster'ous' class book...

"If you're a monster and you know it _______ your _______!"

"Monsters _______ [action], Monsters _______ [rhyming action], Monsters _______ [action], Monsters _______ [rhyming action]!"

"My favorite monster food is _______!"

The best part is the writing prompt printables are also included in the mini-unit!

For these great activities, plus several more great learning exercises that go along with the literature selections, be sure to visit Primary Graffiti!