Monster Math - Numeral Recognition, Counting & More!

Halloween Math Preschool Lesson Plan
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How fun is this monster themed math activity from Allison over at No Time For Flash Cards?! We think it would make a 'spooktacular' addition to your Halloween math centers and know your kiddos will have a blast with the activity. The best part is, depending on your kiddos' skill level, there are several variations. Not to mention, handling the wiggle eyes is great for developing fine motor skills!

Activity variations...

  • For younger learners, print numbers onto the monster cutouts, inviting students to identify the numeral and count out the correct number of wiggle eyes onto the cutout.
  • For more advanced learners, print simple addition/subtraction problems onto the cutouts, inviting your kiddos to solve the equation and place the correct number of wiggle eyes onto the cutout.

Of course, we're certain you can find other ways to use these adorable monster cutouts! For the full activity, be sure to visit No Time For Flash Cards!