Measuring Lily Pads - Working with Nonstandard Units of Measure

Leap Day Frog Math Measuring Kindergarten Lesson PlanHere's another idea you might consider including in your Leap Day plans! It's frog themed {fancy that!} and will help your kiddos practice measuring with nonstandard units as well as introduce them to important 'measuring vocabulary' - about, close to, between, just under, less than, greater than, etc.

Setting Up For The Lesson

  • Cut 8 pairs of lily pads from green construction paper, adding a frog print if desired. Place each pair of lily pads in a different part of the classroom, arranging each pair to be a different distance apart. 

  • Print a frog 'marker' for each pair of lily pads, labeling them from A to H. This will help students keep track of each measuring station and be able to label their measurements accurately.
  • Create frog print measuring cards - enough for each group to measure the longest lily pad distance.

Completing the Activity

First, demonstrate for your students how to properly measure using the frog prints. Next, divide students into 8 groups. Assign each group a starting point {i.e. Group #1 starts at Measuring Station A, etc.} and give them several minutes to complete the measuring process/record their work. [NOTE: Make sure each student gets a chance to place cards, fill in the recording sheet, etc.] Ring a bell to signal the move to a new station. Simply have students find the station with the next letter. You may wish to stay near Measuring Station H to help direct students back to A.

We think this is a great activity for learning early math concepts and discovering how to work as a team, as well as incorporating some Leap Day fun into your day!

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