Literacy Center Activity - Word Family Cans

Word Families Literacy Center and Kindergarten Lesson Plan
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Check out this fabulous literacy center activity {including FREE recording worksheet!} from over Shari Sloane over at The concept is simple - repurpose snack-size Pringles cans, covering them with construction paper, and print a different word chunk onto each. Then, take colored tiles {like these color tiles from MPM School Supplies} and use a Sharpie to write different letters, adding some to each can along with an index card that features the word family.

To complete the activity, students are invited to

  • Select a word family can
  • Dump out the letter tiles
  • Use them - along with the index card - to make different words
  • Record the created words on the provided worksheet

We think this is a fabulous idea and a handy way to review with/review word families! For the full details - and lots of other great lesson ideas - be sure to visit!