Literacy Center Activity - Sight Word Review

Literacy Center Sight Word Kindergarten Lesson Plan
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Kathryn of Kindergarten...Kindergarten... created these fabulous sight word review worksheets that would be a great addition to your literacy center this spring! 25 sight words in total, Kathryn breaks the review into 5 packets, with each packet featuring 5 practice activities... 

  1. Sight Word Sentences. Students must find and color the sight words in each sentence.
  2. Rainbow Sight Words. Students practice spelling by rainbow writing each sight word.
  3. Sight Word Cut, Build & Paste. Students must cut out letter tiles and use them to build each sight word.
  4. Sight Word Flash Cards. Students use these to play games and practice building sentences.
  5. Sight Word Sentence Writing. Students practice using sight words in sentences.

This is a fantastic review system and, the best part is, Kathryn provides the printable packets for FREE over at Kindergarten...Kindergarten... - so don't miss out!

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