Literacy Center Activities: Stocking Beginning Letter Sounds

Winter and Christmas Literacy Kindergarten Lesson Plan
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{Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten is an excellent resource for preschool and kindergarten teachers alike! Julie Lee, fifth year kindergarten teacher, is the brains of the operation and her fabulously colorful and imaginative centers make us want to go back to kindergarten! Here's a glimpse at a few great winter center ideas...}

Stocking Beginning Letter Sounds

Here's a fun way to incorporate one of the hallmarks of the holiday - a stocking hunt! Choose a Christmas-y vocabulary word {Mrs. Lee chose "Christmas", but you can use any focus word you'd like} and collect an object with the same beginning letter sound for each letter in the word. For example, using the word "Christmas", you might select...

  • C - a car
  • H - a horse
  • R - a ring
  • I - an ice cream cone
  • S - a pair of sunglasses
  • T - a train
  • M - a mirror
  • A - an acorn
  • S - a stamp

Fill the stocking with these collected items and create a word mat coloring page, then have students take turns pulling out an object, identifying the beginning letter sound, and coloring the matching letter on their word game board.

Mrs. Lee offers tons of great center ideas in her post, so be sure to visit her blog for this and other awesome winter activities!

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