Literacy Center Activities: Fun with Sight Words!

Literacy Sight Word Preschool Lesson Plan
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We've been following Carisa's "Kindergarten with Krash" series at 1+1+1=1 and loved these awesome sight word exercises the two have been using to review high frequency words. These would make fantastic review/end of the year activities for literacy center!

Crack the Sight Word Code

Carisa borrowed this activity from the Ready2Read {Level 1 Unit} at The Moffatt Girls. As with other coded puzzles, your kinders will have a blast identifying the letters that correspond with the symbols in each entry and seeing familiar sight words 'unveiled'. You might also consider having your kiddos complete the activity in reverse, using the key to translate sight words into symbols that can be given to their classmates to 'decode', etc.

[Here's a cute idea to help kiddos create their own secret code language. It can make for a fun extension. Also, don't miss the rest of the spectacular printables in Annie's Ready2Read unit! Be sure to head over there and check it out for yourself!]

Sight Word Roll & Find

This can be a fun game to play outside when your kiddos need to get some of their 'wigglies' out! Simply place sight word cards around the room/game area {if outside, you might even use chalk or sidewalk paint to script the words}, call out a specific word {Carisa and Krash rolled a die to see what word he should find, but you could pull them from a hat or just read them from a list}, and send your students racing to find it as fast as they can. The player who identifies the word first, keeps it. At the end, tally up the total number of game pieces awarded to each player to find the winner. Instead of 'every student for themselves', you could also divide the class into teams and, at the end, combine the 'points' of each group.

There are many other great sight word review activities at 1+1+1=1, so be sure to head over there and check them out!