Learning with The Lorax

Dr Seuss Read Across America Lorax Inspired Kindergarten Lesson PlanMarch 2nd is Dr. Seuss's birthday, heralding in Read Across America and {this year!} the release of Universal Studio's The Lorax. One of Seuss's most treasured stories, The Lorax offers lots of opportunities for learning in the classroom. We found some excellent ideas over at Help From Debbie that will help you get started! While environmental responsibility is an important theme of the story - making the book a perfect match for Earth Day or your recycling unit - Debbie shows that there are lots of other great concepts that you can pull from as well! Advertising. Cause and effect. Food chains. Greed. Cause and Effect

Sometimes it's hard for children {and even adults!} to remember that their actions can affect others. The story of The Lorax shows that the decisions and actions of a small group of people can affect the entire population. To help your kiddos understand, Debbie suggests several experiments that visually demonstrate this idea. You might also consider having students consider their role in the classroom and brainstorm how their behavior, attitudes, and decisions can positively and/or negatively affect their classmates.

This is only one of the themes Debbie recommends delving in to as part of your study of The Lorax. Be sure to visit Help From Debbie for more suggestions and lesson ideas!