Learning Colors with Mother Goose

Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes Preschool Lesson PlanMay 1st is Mother Goose Day and we thought it might be fun to incorporate some rhymes into your learning centers. Apples 4 the Teacher put together a great list of rhymes to help your preschoolers review their colors and color words! Here are a few ideas for incorporating them in your literacy center...

  • Print the rhymes onto index cards, laminate, and use a binder ring to create a flip book. Providing them with dry erase crayons, invite your kiddos to circle all of the color words they recognize.
  • Select nursery rhymes that focus on a specific color word, printing them onto index cards. Set out pieces of colored construction paper and invite your students to sort the rhymes based on color.
  • Create nursery rhyme booklets. Invite students to find and use the appropriate color crayon to circle and/or color the the various color words.

Be sure to visit Apples 4 the Teacher for a list of nursery rhymes that incorporate color words!