Learning About Length with Christmas Trees

Christmas Math Preschool Lesson Plan
Photo Source: mrsleeskinderkids.blogspot.com

Here's a cute winter activity from Julie Lee of Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten that will have your preschoolers brushing up on their sequencing skills and strengthen visual discrimination as they distinguish short "branches" from long ones.

Supplies You'll Need

*Other craft embellishments of your choice!

To prepare for the exercise, cut the green construction paper into 1-inch strips of different lengths. Create five or six different size strips. To complete the activity, provide your kiddos with a piece of red construction paper and the green strips. Invite them to paste the strips onto their paper in order from shortest to longest. Voilà! It's a Christmas tree! Your kiddos will love the image that emerges. Provide them with the craft embellishments - glitter glue pens, sequins, circle "ornament" stickers, etc. - and have them decorate the tree!

This is definitely a fun way to learn about length! Head on over to Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten for this and other fun projects!