Learning About Hot & Cold

hot or cold preschool lesson plan
Photo Source: FileFolderFun.com

We found this simple science lesson at I Can Teach My Child! - a website created by a former early childhood teacher for a child's first teachers - their parents! While the lesson was originally designed and completed with a toddler, we think the concepts will translate to the preschool classroom as well!

Lesson Objective

In this lesson, students will use their senses - primarily touch - to explore hot and cold. Simply gather two gel hot and cold packs, placing one in the freezer to freeze and the other in the microwave to heat, then set them out on the sensory table and invite your students to poke, prod, hold, squeeze, and learn!

Be sure to check out the video Jenae posted of their learning process. Along with making the distinction between "hot" and "cold", this lesson provides the perfect opportunity to address safety issues related to both temperature extremes as well as the concept of opposites.

Hot/Cold Sorting

hot or cold file folder game
Photo Source: FileFolderFun.com

Once each student has been able to explore the hot and cold packs, have students take what they've learned and apply it using this fun file folder game from FileFolderFun.com! Students are given picture card playing pieces which they must sort into the proper pocket - hot items into the "hot" side and cold items into the "cold" side. Be sure to visit FileFolderFun.com for the download!

Preschool science lessons do not have to be elaborate. This simple exercise provides students with the opportunity for sensory exploration and practical application - hallmarks of great learning!