Jelly Bean Sorting & Graphing

Spring and Easter Math Kindergarten Lesson Plan
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Looking for fun Easter activities for your kiddos, we stumbled across Sara's blog, Garate Gnus, and loved the Easter activity she captured while helping out at her daughter's kindergarten spring/Easter celebration. Conversation hearts. M&Ms. Colored goldfish. While the activity has been done before with different manipulatives, we still think this jelly bean sorting and graphing exercise would make a great fit for your holiday lesson plans or classroom party! To complete the activity, each child will need...

  • A cup of jelly beans
  • A jelly bean color sorting mat
  • A jelly bean graphing worksheet

Color recognition. Sorting. Counting. Graphing. Along with these important skills, this exercise also offers a great opportunity for demonstrating how to analyze collected data. Invite students to determine which color they have the most of, which color they have the least of, and use comparative language (i.e. more than, less than, equal to, etc.) to talk about the different colors of jelly beans.

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