"I Have, Who Has" - Student Version

Back To School Name Game and Preschool Lesson Plan
Photo Source: kidscount1234.com

Help your preschoolers learn the names of their classmates with this fun back-to-school game from KidsCount1234.com! Based on the traditional "I Have, Who Has" game, each card features the names and photos of different students. To play, place all of the game cards in a bag, mix them up, and invite your preschoolers to take turns selecting a card. The student with the starred card begins, using the pictures on the card to help them identify the names printed on it and find the next player in the chain. It will read like this, "I have __________ [student name], who has __________ [student name]?" Whoever has the specified name on their card goes next and the chain continues until you circle back around to the beginning!

For example...

"I have Jason, who has Tyler?"

"I have Tyler, who has Larissa?"

"I have Larissa, who has Toby?"


"I have Jennifer, who has Jason?"

For this idea and lots of other great activity suggestions, be sure to visit KidsCount1234.com!

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