Hot Chocolate Math

Winter Addition Math Kindergarten Lesson Plan
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We love math activities that use unique manipulatives! Here's an adorable hot chocolate themed exercise from Mrs. Wood over at Mrs. Wood's Dual Language Kindergarten Class that will have your kiddos working with mini marshmallows!

Have students create story mats using construction paper or, if using this as a center activity, create reusable mats like the example below.

Winter Math Addition Kindergarten Lesson Plan
Example reusable story mat*

Simply laminate the number of mats needed for the center and set them out with dry erase markers and paper towels. As students roll their die and count out the appropriate number of mini marshmallows for each mug, they can fill in the addition problem at the bottom of the mat with the dry erase marker. Once correctly completed, the numbers can be erased and the process starts all over again. When their time at the center is up, have your kiddos place all the marshmallow manipulatives back in the bin and clean off the story mats for the next group of students to use!

If you wish for your kiddos to create their own story mats, be sure to check out Mrs. Wood's blog for examples!

*NOTE: The reusable story mat design comes directly from the brilliant mind of Mrs. Wood @