Halloween Science For Kinders!

Photo Source: Andrey Kiselev

While your classroom Halloween party provides a chance for your students to unwind and have fun, why not throw a little science into the mix. Between the sweet treats and festive crafts, they won't even know you've sprung an actual lesson on them! Here are a few fun activities to try from Dawn at Not Just A Mommy!

Bubbling Reactions

Dawn suggests having your students explore the traditional vinegar-baking soda chemical reaction with a twist - add red food coloring to the vinegar and pretend that you're mixing vampire "blood" with garlic powder. Goblin Goo

Let students experiment with "goblin slime". The borax-glue mixture reveals solid properties when played with, but exhibits the flowing property of a liquid when left to settle. The great thing is, goblin goo can be kept near indefinitely so seal it in plastic bags and send it home for further exploration and fun!

Poison Testing

Help students learn about pH by testing various "poisons" (e.g. lemon juice, vinegar, orange juice, milk, distilled water, egg whites, milk of magnesia, etc.) using pH paper test strips. While they may not understand exactly what pH means, Dawn suggests reviewing color matching instead. When testing a substance, the pH paper will turn a certain color. Invite students to identify the color and match it to the color guide. Help them identify and record the pH level (number).

For great decorating tips, more fun science ideas, and sweet treats, be sure to read Dawn's full post!