Halloween Literature Unit: Creative Writing Project

{Kimberly L. Short, lesson plan contributor to Educator’s Reference Desk, has designed an exciting Halloween themed reading unit that your kindergartners are sure to enjoy. Designed to explore several literature selections over sixteen days, here are a few highlights!}

While Short details various daily activities to complete based on one literature selection or another, she also ties the unit together with two projects that span its entirety.

Creative Writing Project Objectives

  • Review the basic parts of a story - beginning, middle, and end.
  • Review the concept of sequencing.
  • Learn how to work in a group.
  • Strengthen writing skills.

Short suggests presenting your students with a pre-printed book, including illustrations, with which they are to write a story as a class. Consider shaping the illustrations around the pumpkin patch project or another subject your kindergartners are familiar with. Here is an example of what your book could look like (remember, you'll only be including the pictures at first so that your students can write their own story):

pumpkin life cycle example writing project Page Process

  1. Present students with the illustration.
  2. Invite students to describe what is going on in the picture. Write down each child's suggestion (attempt to capture it word-for-word so that the book reflects their voice as well).
  3. Remind students to keep sequencing in mind (as it relates to the topic of the book) as well as whether the page belongs in the beginning, middle, or end of the book.
  4. Help students come to a consensus on which description is best.

At the end of the unit, create a bound classroom copy of the book and present each child with a copy of their own to take home and share with their families!

For more information and directions, be sure to visit Short's full lesson plan!