Halloween Literature Unit: Arthur’s Halloween

arthur's halloween childrens literature by marc brown{Kimberly L. Short, lesson plan contributor to Educator’s Reference Desk, has designed an exciting Halloween themed reading unit that your kindergartners are sure to enjoy. Designed to explore several literature selections over sixteen days, here are a few highlights!}

Your kindergartners will certainly recognize the characters of Short's next literature selection - it's PBS' Arthur and the gang!

Lesson Objectives

  • Assess and promote the skill of following directions.
  • Learn about the importance of helping people around us.
  • Assess and promote observation skills.
  • Review the basic parts of a story - beginning, middle, and end.
  • Learn how to work together in a group.

Pre-Story Activity

Before class starts, prepare a "magic" bag filled with various Halloween cutouts (e.g. witch's hat, black cat, broom stick, ghost, etc.). Since you don't usually carry a large tote bag around during class, use this as a way to assess student observation skills. Invite them to determine what's different about you, and once they do, have them come up to the reading circle Post-Story Activities

  1. Upon reading the story, discuss what Arthur and D.W. did to help Mrs. Tibble. Have students take turns describing a time when they helped someone. Invite your students to come up with a list of reasons why it's important to help others.
  2. Instead of dismissing students back to their seat, play a game that will help to strengthen listening skills and get them back to their desks at the same time! Invite students to close their eyes as you pass out the Halloween cutouts in your "magic" bag. Recognize each individual item through song (e.g. To the tune of "The Muffin Man" - Do you have the jack-o-lantern, the jack-o-lantern, the jack-o-lantern? Oh, if you have the jack-o-lantern, please stand up.). After their turn, encourage your students to return to their seats.

For Short's recommended activities, be sure to check out her full plan at Educator's Reference Desk!

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