Grow An “Egghead” in Preschool

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It doesn't need to be Easter for you to have fun with eggs in the classroom. Here's a great sensory science lesson from Preschool Education that your students will enjoy participating in!

Supplies You'll Need

  • Eggshell
  • Potting soil
  • Grass seed
  • Black marker
  • Heavy craft paper
  • Tape

Before creating your "egghead", you'll need to create a base for it to sit on. Cut and decorate (optional) a 1-inch strip of card stock. Bend it into a circle or ring and use tape to secure the end (NOTE: Before taping, make sure the circle is big enough to securely hold the egg). Carefully break the top off an eggshell (clean the shell well), then using a spoon, fill three-fourths of it with potting soil. Sprinkle in some grass seed and add another thin layer of soil. Add water, but don't over soak the soil. If you desire, use the black marker to draw a funny face on the egg, then tape it to the card stock base. Keep your egghead in a sunny location and it should have a full head of "hair" in about a week!

Through the process, have your students observe the egghead and make notes of it's progress (e.g. drawings of the soil/sprouts, notes on when it begins to sprout, etc.). Whether you have your students create their own, or just create a class egghead, your students are sure to have a ball with this science lesson!