Gingerbread Cookie Graphing

Winter and Christmas Gingerbread Graphing Kindergarten Lesson Plan
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Kim and Megan over at KinderGals really know how to celebrate the holiday season! Check out this adorable gingerbread cookie graphing activity. Not only will your kiddos learn some great math skills, they'll get a sweet treat in the process! Here's how it works...

  • Provide each of your kiddos with a gingerbread cookie
  • On the count of three, invite your students to take one bite.
  • Count and graph how many students took the bite out of the head, how many took the bite out of a leg, and how many took the bite out of an arm.
  • Analyze the results ...and allow your kiddos to finish their cookie!

Kim and Megan made a really cute graph with gingerbread man cutouts. Be sure to check it out! And stick around for a little while - they have some great ideas!