Fun with Locks - Math & Fine Motor Activity

Preschool Math Lesson Plan
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This lock and key activity from Allison over at No Time For Flash Cards would make a super fun math center activity! The best part is it's super simple to put together! Collect or purchase various locks with keys. {The sets can be decently expensive, especially if you're envisioning a large scale activity, so you might want to ask fellow teachers or family members to borrow any they might have lying around before heading to your local hardware store/Walmart!} Use simple circle labels to label each lock/key combination with concepts being learned. Allison and her son practiced numeral and number word recognition as well as simple math problems, but you might also consider...

  • Upper/lower case letters
  • Word families
  • Beginning letter sounds
  • Rhyming words

For the full tutorial, be sure to visit No Time For Flash Cards. And while you're there, explore a little! Allison shares tons of great activity ideas that we know your kiddos will have a blast with!