Fun with Dr. Seuss

Reading Across America Dr. Seuss Lesson Ideas
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While Jodi Southard of Fun in First Grade originally created this Seuss unit for her first graders, with a few tweaks {only you know the skill level of your students} your kindergartners are sure to enjoy these lessons too! Here are just a few of the activities you'll find in Jodi's printables.

Rhyming with The Cat in the Hat

This activity would be perfect in a small group setting. Read for your students the base rhyming words "cat", "fish", and "ball" - consider modifying the worksheet to include pictures of these words to make them more memorable to your kindergartners - then take the word cutouts one by one, inviting your students to glue them under the correct hat.

Sequencing with The Cat in the Hat

Discuss with your students the basic parts of a story - beginning, middle, and end. Invite them to keep these in mind as you read Dr. Seuss's The Cat in the Hat. Test their memories, as well as their skills at sequencing, by having them draw and write about what happens in the story in the order it happens.

Matching Antonyms with One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

Discuss antonyms with your students providing examples and inviting them to make up sets of their own. Hand out Jodi's worksheet and complete the activity as a class or small group. As you match each pair of antonyms, have students draw a line connecting the words.

Learning Lessons with The Lorax

Before reading The Lorax, discuss with your students that oftentimes literature attempts to teach its readers a lesson or truth. Invite them to think of a story they've heard that has this purpose. You might also consider having your students tell their own story - recounting an experience that may offer a piece of advice or life lesson for their fellow students.

With this idea that stories can convey messages and lessons, read Seuss's story and discuss the questions on Jodi's worksheet, including the lesson the author was trying to convey.

For more great Dr. Seuss lesson ideas, be sure to download Jodi's full unit at Fun in First Grade!