Friend Tree Map

Back To School and Valentine's Day Friendship Unit and Kindergarten Lesson Plan
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The beginning of the school year is a great time to incorporate a friendship unit. {A sense of community and promoting friendly behavior is important to any successful learning environment.} If you're planning such a unit, be sure to check out this fantastic friend tree map from Mrs. Morrow's Kindergarten. The activity offers a fun introduction to the unit and facilitates a class discussion of what friends "like to... , can... , and are... ".

Since Mrs. Morrow completed this activity as part of her Valentine's Day activities {another great idea!}, the tree map features heart cutouts displaying the various prompts. As part of your back-to-school plans, you could swap the heart accents for apples or even school buses.

For the full activity and lots of other great ideas, be sure to visit Mrs. Morrow's Kindergarten.