FREE PowerPoint Lesson for Veterans Day!

Veterans Day Kindergarten Lesson Plan
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We found this great introductory lesson (with FREE PowerPoint presentation!) on Veterans Day over at Kindergarten Kids at Play and thought we'd pass it along! We love how the lesson transitions from topic to topic and think that it's a great way to help your kinders understand what this important holiday is all about!

With the lesson, your kinders will discover...

  • New vocabulary words and their meanings - i.e. what it means to be brave, courageous, and patriotic
  • The five branches of the military (that are collectively known as the United States Armed Forces) and what they do
  • Who/what veterans are and why we honor them on Veterans Day

All with cute graphics, lots of pictures, and some great examples that will help your kinders make a personal connection with the material!

Be sure to visit Kindergarten Kids at Play for the cute PowerPoint lesson!

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