First Day of School Survival Kit

Back To School Kindergarten Lesson Plan
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We found this idea over at Mrs. Nelson's Class and thought it was super cute! If you're getting all of your back-to-school materials ready, be sure to add this to the list!

Most students {and parents!} are equal parts nervous and excited about starting a new school year - in a new classroom with a new teacher and classmates. The goal of the "First Day of School Survival Kit" is to help allay some of the fears and nerves as well as provide your new kiddos with a fun treat and help them get ready for the big day! Passed out during the back-to-school open house/'meet the teacher' night, students are invited to explore the contents of the kit with their parents. Here's a sneak peek at the contents...

  • Starburst candy
  • Penny
  • Sticker
  • Smarties
  • Eraser
  • Hershey Hug
  • Lifesaver

...However, you'll have to visit Mrs. Nelson's Class to see what each item means and for the fun {FREE!} survival kit label!

We think this is a clever way help your new students feel welcomed and more at ease in their new learning environment!