Find Your Heart-Mate - Valentine's Day Literacy Game

Valentine's Day Literacy Game Preschool Lesson Plan
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Looking for a fun Valentine's Day game for your kiddos? Try a letter matching game! Download these alphabet heart cards from Carisa over at 1+1+1=1, print and laminate two sets, then invite your kiddos to pick one of the heart cards from the Valentine box. At your signal, have your students try to find their 'heart-mate' - the classmate with the matching heart. You'll, of course, need to pick focus letters as 52 cards will probably be too many.

Game variations...

  • Have students match upper and lower case letter hearts.
  • Invite students to practice beginning letter sounds by matching picture cards with their proper beginning letter card.
  • Create one set of word segment/chunk cards {-ap, -at, etc.} and one set of word cards {lap, tap, bat, cat, etc.} for students to match - in this case students can have more than one heart-mate!
  • Create rhyming pairs, printing and pasting clip art images of the word pairs onto the hearts.
The possibilities are endless! Be sure to visit 1+1+1=1 for the alphabet heart card printables!