Fall Science - Will An Acorn Sink or Float?

Fall Science Experiment and Kindergarten Lesson Plan
Photo Source: umamahlearningacademy.blogspot.ca

Here's a great fall science exploration that we know your kinders will be able to get into! We found it over at Umamah Learning Academy and were super impressed that it was thought up by Ummi's daughter! {What a creative and inquisitive mind she has!}

Will An Acorn Sink or Float?

  • Head out to the school yard on an acorn hunt! Show your kiddos samples of what to look for - both green (fresh) and brown (dried) acorns - and a paper bag to collect them with.
  • Back in the classroom, provide your kinders with clear plastic cups filled with water. Invite them to explore what happens when they place their newly collected samples in the water.
  • Have them record the results in their science notebooks or on a science notebooking page and encourage them to hypothesize why they got the results they did.

For this and other great activity ideas, be sure to visit Umamah Learning Academy!

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