Election Unit - We Love America!

{Politics can be a touchy subject no matter where you go, but it's especially important to be careful what you say - and how you say it! - in a school setting. Sidestepping potentially 'hot' issues such as your personal political party affiliation and candidate selections, election season truly does offer a fabulous opportunity for discussing important concepts like patriotism, citizenship, as well as one of the many things that makes America great, the freedom to make our own choice!}

Citizenship and Election Day Social Studies Kindergarten Lesson Plan
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To kick off your Election Unit, we found these awesome notebooking/anchor chart ideas over at Second Grade With Mrs. Wade that explore all kinds of different topics! Our favorites...

We Love The USA!

Election season is a great time to remember all of the things that make America great; we vote to elect the leader of our country, we enjoy freedoms that many other countries do not, we can feel confident and secure knowing that we have a military that will defend and protect us, etc. We love the idea of starting your unit with a notebooking exercise that will have your students brainstorming all of the reasons that they love the USA!

What Does It Mean To Be A Good Citizen?

In the same vein, the freedoms and rights that we enjoy also come with responsibility - the responsibility of contributing in a positive way and practicing good citizenship. Not only does a good citizen demonstrate many important attributes and values important in our communities - responsibility, courage, acceptance, honesty, etc. - but a good citizen also follows the laws of the country and recognizes the importance of political awareness. Melissa's citizenship notebooking page and anchor chart are a perfect way to introduce and discuss how to be a good citizen - in general and as it relates to the coming election {exercising our right to vote!}.

For these fabulous activities and lots of other great government themed notebooking/anchor chart ideas, be sure to visit Second Grade With Mrs. Wade!

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