Easter Literacy Center Activities

Preschool Easter Literacy Center Activity
Photo Source: www.pre-kpages.com

We just love these colorful literacy center activities Vanessa Levin of Pre-K Pages put together for Easter! From letter recognition and sight word identification to beginning letter sounds and reading simple sentences, there's something for everyone {and certainly enough to keep your preschoolers busy during the holiday!}. While we can't describe each and every center idea, here are a few highlights!

Easter Egg Sight Words

On Easter egg cutouts, use a marker to script new or review high frequency words and laminate the set. Place these in the center along with a small basket, egg coloring cup, etc. of plastic, foam, wooden, and/or magnetic letters and invite your students to spell the sight words out on the egg mats. Builds sight word recognition and fine motor skills. [Extension: Laminate larger sight word eggs to use as play dough mats.]

Easter Egg Beginning Sounds

Choose three beginning sounds to review/learn, scripting each one onto a blank index card {or cute cutout} and using the card to label an Easter basket. Collect several small items from around the classroom that start with the appropriate letters/sounds and place them into colorful plastic Easter eggs. Gather the eggs into a large basket, then invite your students to open and sort them into the proper 'sound basket'.

For more fantastic Easter literacy center activities, be sure to check out the full post at Pre-K Pages!

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