Earth Day Math Ideas

Earth Day preschool math activities
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If you're looking for some fun math ideas to use in your Earth Day celebration on April 22nd, Googol, a fantastic math resource for educators, offers some great activities that will get your kiddos outdoors and excited about learning! You'll have to visit the full post for an entire list, but here are a few of the highlights:

  • Go on a nature hunt for geometric shapes
  • Collect sticks {or other natural elements} using them to create various geometric shapes for study and comparison
  • Invite students to collect natural math manipulatives {rocks, seeds, nuts, etc.} - use these to practice counting, patterning, sorting, etc.
  • Look for natural objects that are symmetrical
  • Measure the length of natural objects using standard and non-standard units of measurement
  • Collect and measure rainfall

The list could go on and on! For more math lessons inspired by nature, be sure to visit Googol's full post and spice up your Earth Day activities!

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